Truck Strike

(Actually that should be blockade as I see many were actually being paid by the employers) You’ve got to have some sympathy for trucking companies. It was clear the Government didn’t bother giving them notice of road user charges because obviously they would scream blue murder. Instead of deferring it until everyone had got used to higher fuel costs and things had settled down a bit, they did it anyway.

The thing about that is always missed is that although the charges are for trucking companies, ultimately the consumer is going to pay for this in increased retail prices for the goods moved via transport.

A more cynical person might think that this is the beginning of the campaign to force companies to use Kiwirail for transport. The one mechanism the government has to force up costs of road transport is road user charges, I guess they could then take the money collected and give it to Kiwirail (instead of improving the roads).

I hope as many truck drivers as possible participate and traffic is gridlocked, it will send a message – not to the government, who stopped listening to business some time ago – but to voters. This is a government who is both arrogant and out of touch.

You have to wonder what is going on with Labour – they seem to have a death wish!

  1. The trucks chew up the roads. The Government wants users paying for the resources they consume (all part of an emerging shift to consumption taxes in the western world). They just didn’t give the truckers notice to (secretly?) pass on the charge to consumers. All part of life getting a lot more expensive.

    It still doesn’t mean I’m allowed in to work late tomorrow.

    • pirrie
    • July 3rd, 2008

    I suspect they didn’t give them notice because they would have rushed out and bought up RUC at the old price.

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