Is this how the election will be fought?

“As details over the renationalisation of the rail service began to emerge, Prime Minister Helen Clark said under parliamentary privilege that National Leader John Key had personally profited during the rail network’s chequered financial history…”

It seems the only plan Labour has for the looming election is to constantly bag John Key. I thought perhaps they would tire of this and actually pull out some policy or something to try and improve the level of debate up. Clearly that was a bit silly of me, because so far all we get is the usual childish name calling and school yard accusations directed at the leader of National.

If this is all Labour’s got they really ARE in deep shit. I have news for Clark and Cullen – this is not going to impress anyone (apart from you sycophantic mates) especially not potential voters. We’re not really interested in John Key’s financial affairs, in fact, by continuing to focus on him you’re drawing attention to him, and maybe pointing out that he is capable of making money might be seen my many as a strength rather than a weakness. That Cullen and Clark see this quality as a weakness speaks more about their own values than Keys.

I guess as long a National is drip feeding us policy, the coming months won’t be too mind numbing! 

The Nat’s ACC policy (introducing some competition) looks promising, although it is not entirely new. I recall that this actually saved businesses money, and it was the first thing Cullen trashed – I will never forget him telling business that Labour won, and they were changing things, so we all had to “get over it”, and it was a figment of our imagination that the new ACC flexibility was saving us money.

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