Online movie rental

DVD Unlimited has merged with Fatso and Movieshack after finding the home delivered DVD market isn’t big enough for the three of them

I am surprised at this. Although it’s likely that long term people will be downloading movies from the Internet, with our painfully slow  speeds this isn’t really and option at the moment, and really if your’e a serious movie buff there’s nothing more irritating than watching a poor quality movie with errors due to the download.

I think online rentals are great. It’s a very convenient service. You go online, make a queue, and the company posts you out a couple of movies, when you watched them you put them in the envelop provided and post them back, to speed up the process you can go online and tick that you have returned the movie so the replacement arrives the next day (and I live in a rural area).

No more forgetting to take the DVD back incurring late fee’s. This is a neat, simple service and for $29  a month for two movies at a time (as many as you can watch) it works out cheaper than watching a few rentals with the late fee’s. It’s a great way to watch TV series – no ads!

Personally I think perhaps these companies have done a very good marketing job, most people I mention it to look blank many have never heard of it.

If you want to try it out, I highly recommend it!



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