Why would you??!?

Completely strange events so far this week.

You really have to question some peoples common sense!

First up, this delightful event in the South Island courtesy of the NZ Herald…

“A stunned mother, who didn’t even know she was pregnant, took her premature new born baby to Buller Hospital in a bucket on Friday night”


Aside from the obvious, ( like, wouldn’t you be wondering why you felt so crap for months), why in gods name would you put your (live) baby in a freaking bucket ! Leaping to conclusions here, but this baby isn’t off to a good start. This whole event is a ‘comedy’ of errors, that would be funny were it not true.

And now for something completely different…

“Celine Dion is responsible for the world’s worst cover version, a poll of music experts has decided. The Canadian star’s rendition of the AC/DC track You Shook Me All Night Long was given the dubious honour in the Total Guitar magazine survey”


Health warning, this video could damage your sanity.


Selected as the worst cover version ever. I cannot imagine what was going through these peoples tiny little brains when they decided the towering talent Celine Dion should cover an ACDC song.

And finally, a great toy idea.

“A ball that is designed to be set on fire and then kicked around has been banned in South Australia.”  


Surely this was a piss take and some witless marketing person decided that it would be well received by the public. Clearly the strategy we have of sending NZders over to Australia, thus raising the IQ’s of both countries is a roaring success. Now we know how all those wild fires start, people playing football in the outback.


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