They were serious

Well, Clark and Co were actually serious, and in another example of election year stupidity  we have the instant solution to South Auckland’s problems (just add huge dollops of cash)…

“The Government has revealed tough measures to clamp down on liquor sales, including allowing councils to prevent outlets opening near schools and to limit opening hours.

Prime Minister Helen Clark said yesterday the Cabinet had considered a raft of changes to liquor laws, including tougher controls on the supply of alcohol to young people and putting more restrictions on the location of off-licences.

She said the Government had prepared legislation(after giving the matter about 30 seconds thought)

Regardless of whether you think this is the solution to the problem, this can’t possibly be  a well drafted piece of legislation. It’s even scarier when they describe it as a ‘raft’, you just know there is a whole lot of other things buried in there. There are already controls on sales of alcohol to “young people”, how about just enforcing the existing laws? You could actually achieve everything you wanted with the existing laws, but this being election year I guess everyone wants to look useful.

I hope this doesn’t get any support in parliament and isn’t passed. It should be seen a blatant electioneering and if it turns out after the dust has settled after the election then the whole thing can be looked at rationally.

I wonder when Clark is going to start using those image consultantsthat transformed her last election, is that lipstick rubbed on her cheek??

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