Obama breaks first promise


Well, the darling of the left and the ‘new hope’ has finally shown his true colours. Anyone who seriously thought that just because he is a talented (but vacuous) speaker, meant that he was actually different from any other politician, was fooling themselves.

Anyone who dug a little deeper should have seen this coming. Suddenly the thirst to win at any cost and boot out the Republicans, has over ridden any principals.

By going the ‘private’ path with campaign funding Obama will now accept money from the sorts of people andĀ organisations that he has up until now claimed he was independent of. I guess the thought that he can out spend his opponent is just too great a temptation to resist.

When it comes down to it Obama is no different from any other politician, and in fact he’s worse than his opponent because the presidential campaign has barely kicked off and he is already breaking promises. If anyone thinks this isn’t a trend that will continue into the White House think again.

I think that to break this promise is highly symbolic. This was a chance for Obama to show that it really was a contest of ideas, rather than about who has the most money, and he’s blown it.

Not that this will stop the fawning foreign left wing media’s love fest with Obama. How disappointed everyone will be. Obama is the USA’s Tony Blair. Wake up everyone, there ain’t no magical third way and some warm fuzzy speeches don’t change the realities of politics.

McCain may be a republican, but at least he has some principals that he has stuck too even when it has made him unpopular with his own party. Obama has very quickly shown how flexible his are.

As a foot note, as meaningless as it is for New Zealanders to have an opinion about the US presidential elections as we have no affect on the outcome, we really ought to be hoping that McCain wins if we care about our economy. McCain is committed to free trade, Obama is against it. Consider that the one thing that will mitigate to looming recession will (once again) be out export sector, then you need to consider that a protectionist president could only be bad for us.

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