Apologise for Vietnam ????

WTF, sometimes I am really torn about MMP, on one hand it allows small parties a bit of a voice and people don’t feel they’ve wasted their vote (then again, possibly they do), on the other we are subjected to this kind of rubbish…


Turia is a class A fringe dweller who lives in a strange world far far away from the rest of us. This is made worse by the rarefied atmosphere of her current environment that you and I fund through our taxes.

It’s shameful enough that Labour have dragged their feet over the whole Vietnam vets situation, if you were cynical you would almost think they hoped that they would all die off and the problem would go away. It must be pretty tough for someone like Klark to have to offer such an apology… http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/asia-pacific/3055711.stm .

I guess it’s been a quiet month for the Maori Party, and hey, an election is coming up, so making daft statement like this is one way to get some coverage. On the other hand not surprising that a socialist would want the government to appologise for a war that was part of the battle against the spread of communism.


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