ANZAC day and the ‘Left’…

I was listening to National Radio on Thursday and a certain left-wing political commentator got himself very worked up about ANZAC day. 

His line seemed to be that government of the day had willingly sacrificed young NZder’s in order to help the Imperialist British prop up the Russian Tsar by opening up a route to supply weapons. With a bit thrown in about gunning down workers on the steps of the palace.

War is a horrible, but sometimes unavoidable thing, and although everyone probably takes something different away from the ANZAC commemorations, I don’t think for a second anyone thinks that the events at Gallipoli were nice or particularly successful.

It was certainly an interesting angle to find some sort of anti socialist plot in the ANZAC day commemorations, and not one that had occurred to me before. I know many in Labour have protested in their activist pasts against war’s such as Vietnam (another anti socialist war) so I suppose it makes sense that the hard core intellectual left would find ANZAC day a cunning plot to distract people from the machinations of the conservative imperialists that the Allies represented during the First World War.

Mind you, maybe if a few more guns had got through to Russia, that might have delayed or defeated the rise of Communism. The Tsar was no angel, but those who followed him could hardly be judged as a particularly successful or compassionate bunch of people.

It would be a strange little world to live in where just about everything can be seen in terms of a socialist struggle against the forces of evil!



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